Buying a Business? Why You Must Always Ensure That You Do Your Due Diligence

22 November 2021
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Did you know that approximately 126,000 Australian baby boomers may retire this year? Many of these are small business owners, and they may be searching for someone who will buy their business as a going concern. If you are aware of this opportunity and would like to purchase one of these entities, you need to conduct a fair amount of research. Crucially, you will need to perform your due diligence checks before you sign any contract, but what is involved? Read More 

3 Instances When You Will Need a Family Lawyer

9 August 2021
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Family life is complex. People get into marriages and start raising children together, hoping they will maintain a cordial relationship and grow old together. However, many things can happen along the way, leading to changes. When changes happen in the family setup, some members struggle to adapt more than others, creating conflict. It is advisable to hire a family lawyer to help mediate in these situations. Here are three instances where a solicitor will come in handy. Read More 

Family Law: 4 Things You Should Never Do During a Separation

3 June 2021
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When you start living with your partner, the last thing on your mind is divorce or separation. However, some disagreements in a relationship can result in a need for separation. When going through a divorce, you might get a little confused about the proper steps to take due to the high emotions involved. Because of that, many people tend to make costly mistakes that they regret later.  For this reason, it is advisable to hire a lawyer with experience in family law to take you through the divorce. Read More 

Having a Better Understanding of Deceased Estates

29 January 2021
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Deceased estates are the estates left behind when people die. They are connected to wills, estate planning and estate tax; these are three things you should understand. Wills Individuals need to write wills to give instructions on how their estate is to be divided among their loved ones after they die or become incapacitated. Writing a will might seem like something easy, but it can get tricky. Be wary of will contesters who might try to prove that they ought to have been included in your will. Read More 

Should Separating Adults Be Responsible for Children Over the Age of Maturity?

5 October 2020
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In general terms, a child is considered to be an adult when they reach the age of 18. Typically, this will mean that they are responsible for their own actions and should not rely on their parents for guidance, shelter, or financial support. Therefore, if a couple was going through a separation or divorce and children were involved, they might expect their financial obligations to be "free and clear" if the children in question were over that age of maturity. Read More